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Eltingville, Staten Island is a unique community. It is not remarkable for its topography, beauty or splendor, or for its size or affluence. What makes Eltingville stand out is its vibrant Torah community. The highly contagious ruach transmitted by the many young Kollel families and Bnei Torah of the highest caliber makes a significant positive impact on the residents of Eltingville, the greater Staten Island, and on the entire tri state area. Despite the small size of the community, Eltingville proudly boasts four impressive Mosdos HaTorah: two Kollelim, a renowned Yeshiva Gedolah, and the Young Israel of Eltingville. All four function in harmony, creating a noteworthy locality on the Torah map of America.

One of these Mosdos HaTorah is Kollel Orchos Chaim. The Kollel was founded in 5766 by Rabbi Leib Puretz, shli”ta, and is headed by the esteemed Rabbi Yisroel Salomon, Shli”ta. In addition to being Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Salomon serves in capacity of Moreh Horaah for the Eltingville community. Imbued by Gedolei Yisroel with an understanding of the importance of keeping this wonderful environment intact, we feel it our duty to ensure its continuity. We therefore encourage you to respond generously, to enable our prestigious members to continue their vital work of Harbotzas HaTorah and Kiddush Hashem. We entreat the Almighty to grant our aspirations, and allow this wonderful spiritual haven to continue its existence unhindered and unhampered.

We are truly indebted to you, dear participant. Without your support and encouragement this endeavor would not succeed. May you be blessed with success and fulfillment in all of your “Aspirations”.

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Nshei Kollel Orchos Chaim 5780

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